Public Education Program White Paper

How can we help you spread the word?

The Public Education Program, or PEP, is intended to help government agencies and nonprofit organizations deliver their important public interest messages effectively and affordably.

How does the Public Education Program work?

In Tennessee, as in every state, there is a broadcasters trade association that works on behalf of the radio and television stations in that state – sort of like a statewide chamber of commerce, but for one particular industry, in this case broadcasting.

Under the PEP Program, radio and television stations in Tennessee donate airtime to the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (TAB).  In exchange for grant funding, TAB makes the airtime available to nonprofits and government agencies which don’t have a history of buying advertising time or space.  The time is provided on a “multiplier” basis – i.e., for every $1 of grant funding, TAB delivers at least $3 of airtime value.  It’s a lot more bang for the buck.

Who will see or hear your message?

Virtually everyone who watches television or listens to the radio in the state of Tennessee – and that means pretty much everyone.

Where will your message air?

On commercial television stations as well as commercial, noncommercial, college and religious radio stations throughout the state.  Your message will likely reach 99% of the public in the state of Tennessee.

When will your message air?

Specific air dates and times cannot be guaranteed, since radio and television stations that participate in the PEP program do so on a voluntary, “time available” basis.  However, experience has shown that PEP announcements run 7 days a week in the various day parts.

How will you know your message aired?

Participating stations enter the spots on their traffic systems and generate an affidavit or airtime report each month, which indicates the number and value of the announcements aired.  You see proof of the stations’ participation and the value of the airtime given to your message.

Why do stations participate?

Because the grant funding enables their state association to provide services that strengthen the broadcast industry and help stations operate in the public interest.  PEP revenue helps to subsidize professional education, scholarships and internships, regulatory compliance programs and other initiatives that serve the industry, the community and the state.

What will it cost?

That depends on several factors:

  •  The duration of your campaign (annual, semiannual, quarterly)
  • Whether you purchase radio, television or both.
  • We can guide you to the campaign that makes the most sense based on your budget and your target audience.

How do you find out more?

Contact: Whit Adamson, President – Tennessee Association of Broadcasters

Phone: (615) 365-1840 Email: [email protected]