• Current FCC license and other outstanding FCC authorizations.
  • Pending applications and related petitions (keep until action on the application is final).
  • Station contour map.
  • Current ownership report and related materials such as articles of incorporation and TV network affiliation agreements, or a list of such materials.
  • Political candidate requests for broadcast time and records showing the disposition of such requests (retain for two years).
  • Annual EEO public file reports.
  • The Public and Broadcasting FCC manual.
  • Letters and e-mails from the public that concern programming.
  • Material relating to an FCC investigation.
  • Certifications of broadcast of renewal pre-filing and post-filing announcements.
  • Radio and TV LMAs and joint sales agreements.
  • For commercial TV and Class A TV stations only, records concerning adherence to commercial limits in children’s programming, and copies of each quarterly children’s programming report (Form 398) filed with the FCC.
  • For commercial TV and Class A TV stations only, statements of their elections of must-carry or retransmission consent (retain for pertinent the three-year election period).

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