Benefits & Services

  • Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).  You can avoid the multi-dollar fine payments to settle an FCC violation. Our FCC-authorized “peer” inspectors in this program can get your station in compliance and a 3-year Certificate free from random FCC inspections.
  • Industry Advocacy.  The TAB has established successful relationships with our members of Congress and the General Assembly.  We are always active in keeping those lines of communication open throughout the year. Our vigilance in all areas of legislation, regulation and litigation allows us to provide our members with vital and timely information.
  • EAS and the Child Abduction AMBER Alert Program. A collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies, emergency management authorities, the National Weather Service and local participating broadcasters within the state of Tennessee. The goal of these plans is the safe return of endangered children and the safety of our public.
  • EEO Compliance Help. In today’s broadcasting environment you know you can’t afford the risk of doing anything less than best practice when it comes to outreach. The TAB has partnered with our University Affiliates across the state to offer an EEO Credits/Scholarship/Internship Programs and hold Job Fairs throughout the year to assist stations with their EEO credit compliance.
  • Legal and Legislative Information. In cooperation with our General Counsel Doug Pierce at King & Ballow and our State Lobbyist Dan Haskell with Gullett, Sanford, Robinson and Martin Attorneys TAB members can get general answers for routine legal questions facing broadcasters including EEO, contests/lotteries, alcohol and tobacco.  We also have communications attorneys working with us for referral questions on the FCC, music licensing and other broadcast issues.
  • The National Association of Broadcasters and the National Alliance of State Broadcast Associations.  Our ability to work alongside state broadcast associations across the country and the NAB has strengthened our capacity to better serve our members by providing additional resources and services to members.

For more than 65 years the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (TAB) has been serving the collective needs of its members. The TAB provides resources to help stations satisfy FCC rules and policies to help protect your license. The TAB remains supportive of small independent broadcasters and network affiliates alike. We understand the needs of both. Just like you, the TAB continues to implement new resources and services that fulfill the needs of the smallest and the largest customers and broadcasters and looks forward to working together to better serve Tennessee’s broadcast interest.


Training Services

How can we serve you today? As a TAB member, we provide valuable online and live broadcast sales training which is free to TAB members and their sales team.  These sales experts have developed training videos and guides based on sales challenges your team may currently be facing or a sales opportunity they need to learn more about.  We also offer training for management, news and other station operations from time to time online at in live sessions.


The TAB partners with other state broadcast associations to produce webinars in the areas of sales, engineering, political, EAS, EEO, license renewal, news writing, etc., and offers this service free to TAB members.