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The Tennessee Association of Broadcasters works hard every year to make certain you are informed of industry issues in Tennessee and Washington, DC. It is imperative that you have a strong, common voice representing you to our elected officials and regulators. The TAB is that voice. We protect the best interests of radio and television on a daily basis.

In addition to advocacy, we offer professional development training both live and online for managers, sales personnel, engineers, journalists, human relations, universities and high school students. The TAB continues to seek innovative development and services that can be synchronized for the success of our member stations. Our outreach efforts are continually monitored and analyzed using the various tactics and tools available to us through our network partners like the National Association of Broadcasters, the Radio Advertising Bureau, the Television Bureau of Advertising, Society of Broadcast Engineers and other professional interests.

In 2017, in addition to a new Congress and President, our broadcasters will continue to deal with the spectrum reallocation, the proposed overtime and management pay regulations and changes that would affect an estimated 5 million workers nationwide and cover about 40% of the country’s full-time salaried workforce. A new copyright and performance right will also be reviewed.

Local radio and television provides a tremendous promotional value to performers, paying out an estimated $2.4 billion dollars each year to artists and record labels. The loss of a station’s investment in local programming and community service could lead to less music being played which is harmful to both listeners and artists. We must make Congress and the music industry understand the damage that a disruption in the legal framework would cause to the music industry.

Thank you for your commitment to the TAB in the airing and reporting our Public Education Program (PEP) messages, investing in membership dues and participating in our Board and business meetings. Our state Political Action Committee (TABPAC) is growing and it too needs your support. Your investment allows us to work for you.

For more information, call our office at: (615) 365-1840. You may also download and return the applicable rate sheet below.